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Sclerotherapy – Obliteration of Varicose Veins

Even a pronounced case of varicose veins can be treated on a pain-free outpatient basis with this innovative method. Our practice offers microsclerotherapy for the tiniest of spider veins and ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy for larger veins on up to saphenous veins.

During the sclerotherapy procedure, we systematically obliterate the varicose veins using a fine needle. The diseased vein is punctured and a drug is injected which constricts and causes conglutination of the varicose vein. The blood vessel is then absorbed by the body’s own immune system.

While very small amounts of the strongly diluted sclerosing solution and very fine needles are used to treat spider veins (so-called microsclerotherapy), foam sclerosants have been used to treat larger varicose veins in recent years. These modern methods use ultrasound technology (ultrasound-guided form sclerotherapy) and allow patients to be treated effectively and painlessly on an outpatient basis. This can often replace surgery.

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