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Angiology and Internal Medicine

Diagnosing angiological and phlebological diseases

· Doppler and duplex ultrasound of the vessels supplying the brain, peripheral arteries and veins

· Special functional diagnostics for blood vessels, light reflex rheography, venous occlusion plethysmography, optical pulsoscillometry

· Treatment of diabetic foot syndrome, peripheral arterial occlusive disease, chronic venous insufficiency and post-thrombotic syndrome

· Diagnosis of oedema and initiation of proper treatment (e.g. manual lymphatic drainage)

· Treatment of varicose veins and spider veins (diagnosis, prep for procedure, sclerotherapy, conservative therapy)

· Diagnosis of haemostaseological diseases, guided therapy and training courses on prescribing anticoagulants

Diagnosing and treating cardiological and general internal diseases

· Two-dimensional doppler and colour doppler echocardiography

· ECG including exercise ECG and 24-hour ECG

· 24-hour blood pressure measurement

· Abdominal ultrasound and the diagnosis of visceral artery disease

· Thyroid ultrasound

· Spirometry

· Laboratory diagnostics


After receiving a successful differential diagnosis in our practice, we prescribe and monitor the appropriate treatment for our patients. For this treatment, high-quality lymphatic therapy must be conducted by physiotherapists and the medical equipment must be optimally adjusted by medical supply stores.

Our patients benefit from the networking of the regional service providers who are members of the “Lymphology Quality Network of Saxony-Anhalt (South)”, a network which we founded in 2010. Acute phase complex decongestive physiotherapy can be organised in and around Halle (Saale) when necessary.